I love bold jewellery for confident and courageous women.

You’ve lived a life that’s unique- made a statement- and that’s what my creations are about.

I always wanted to be a jewellery designer and maker, and started out very young, but then deviated into Graphic Design and Styling.  Drawing and getting my ideas down has always been important as well as constructing and creating things. My jewellery journey started again in 2016 when I did a 5 week design retreat with jewellery designer Meghan O’Rourke, and I haven't looked back.

Finalist in The Australian Pearl Jewellery Competition in 2017

My Jewellery


I use mainly silver in my creations. These are usually made from stock gauge and then fashioned into whatever I envisage- shaped wire for shanks, reconstructed by melting down and then shaping my pebbles, rolling and creating bezels. I also love to use a new Palladium silver alloy. This is as strong as 14ct gold, more expensive, but far more durable. Palladium silver alloy also exhibits a creamier coloured metal- not as cool a hue as sterling silver. I have stamped the pieces I mark with Palladium silver as AGPD so you will know the difference . My pieces are finished with a satin sheen, and they appeal to an older clientele. I make bold pieces- elegant but chunky as I like to describe them. They are solid and well made- not preesy or shy. Just like the people I designed them for. 


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