Three Stone Mahenge Garnet

Three Stone Mahenge Garnet

SKU: brmg002

This Palladium silver brooch is set with a pretty Mahenge Garnet , tourmalines and  sapphire.Mahenge Garnets are the latest in the garnet family used for jewelry. They come in a wide variety of colors ranging from a deep pinky red- up to a peachy pink.This little brooch also has a sapphire and pale peachy tourmaline set into it. It is 29mm long and 27mm wide.

  • Refund and Returns Policy

    All JMCL Handcrafted pieces are unique.  However if you should fnd that the item is faulty, or it does not fit,  you can return it for a full refund less postage costs, in its orginal packaging, and in its original condition. Any repairs will be done free of charge, with the customer to pay postage costs. Sometimes due to the uniqueness of the piece, if stones need to be replaced, then new stones of a different gem family may be used, except in the case of diamonds!

  • Postage

    All shipping is done through Australia post. Items will be sent express mail. Combined shipping is available. 

  • Palladium Silver

    This is a  new alloy- which is a stronger alloy than sterling silver , and as hard wearing as 14ct gold. To clean this piece, a drop of ammonia and a couple of drops of washing up liquid in warm water, and then using a medium bristled toothbrush will bring this up beautifully. This brooch has a satin brushed finish, but if you wanted it to be a little shinier, a brass brush with the same solution as above will bring up the shine.