What is "slow jewellery?"

COVID has given us, if nothing else a time to reflect, to slow down, to reassess. This is not just in terms of work life but has filtered down to many areas of our lives, including fashion, and strangely jewellery.

Spending time at home with family, with pets has for so many left an understanding that time is precious . Many people have gone back to crafts as a way of productively using their time- cooking, sewing, and there has been a renaissance of understanding of what it means to actually spend time and love in creating something. Painting , drawing reading books, all these things are not immediate ,it takes time. Hence an appreciation of a piece of jewellery made especially for someone and the time, love and care it takes, rather than buying a piece that has been mass produced overseas by an army of people in a factory, is now a movement.

What do you think?

Would you rather a piece was made especially for you, or the same piece which will be on the fingers of thousands of other people?

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