Exhibitor at the MAYO Exhibition 2018 - 2020 for St Margarets Bi Annual Art Exhibition

Exhibitor at Perculator Gallery in 2019

Finalist in The Australian Pearl Jewellery Competition in 2017

Past and Present



I like to design and create pieces that are bold contemporary and make a statement. Whether its for everyday, or a special occasion I handcrafted pieces from start to finish. 





Here is a collection of what I call my art rings. These rings have been created and handcrafted from a piece of stock gauge to the final product .They are all unique pieces created through my curiosity and wanting to push my creativity further.

Some of my rings are made in silver, but I like to use a palladium silver alloy that is  more expensive but more durable. It also exhibits a creamy hue to the metal, making it more luxurious.


Art Pieces

These pieces are really where I get to have some fun- and hone my skills! They can be rings or bangles and necklaces- often I will put them into a sample sale- so you never know what amazing pieces might come up!




Gypsy Setting

I started my jewelry career pretty late in the day because of a crash course in making a silver hexagonal box, which crashed my glittery dream. But a five day retreat with silversmith Meghan ORourke got those silvery juices flowing again, and I fell back in love with precious metal- however my greatest love is getting tiny little gems in a setting called gypsy or flush setting. I use diamonds, both CVD and natural, topaz, tourmaline, tsavorites, citrine, sapphires, rubies, and rhodolite garnets for stunning sprinkling of colour



Looking to get your hands on a custom-made JMCL HANDCRAFTED piece? 


 Let me know and I’ll get started right away.





A Few of my Favorite Things



all brooches.jpg


These brooches are currently in my shop. They are made from Palladium silver and feature precious gemstones- including sapphires,citrines garnet and topaz.All one of a kind pieces .



 Pebble Earrings

these pebbles and created by recycling silver and some on a palladium silver alloy. They are gypsy set with diamonds, or sapphires, are a beautiful weight- some have 9ct gold wires, and are currently for sale in my online shop or at ONE GIRL STUDIO in Graceville, and Artisan in King Street



Diamond Pebble Gold
Square Princess Cut Gems

Gypsy Set Pieces

These rings are part of my Gypsy Set Collection of Pieces. These rings are set with Square Princess cut gemstones